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Protein Xpress - Christian and Bella

Check out the power of ProteinXpress with Christian and Bella. It's the best way to cure that mid afternoon slump. With so many health benefits, no refined sugars and packed full of protein it's sure help you spring back into action. Check them out in the new section of Macarthur Square just outside Coles. #c913 #proteinxpress #christianandbella

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Disney Dorks

No matter how old you are, you can't go past a classic Disney movie!!! Pass us the popcorn please..... #c913 #disneyislife #thatsoneexcitedpuppy

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St Frock

Is anyone else feeling like this after a big weekend?? Checking the bank account on a Monday morning can sometimes be depressing. #c913 #bankaccountbebroke #wenthardontheweekend

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Happy Second Birthday to Macarthur Pets in…

Happy Second Birthday to Macarthur Pets in Gregory Hills Home Centre! Come and celebrate today and score discounts, freebies and see all the adorable animals!!! It's on till 4pm!! 🐒🐶🐾🦎🦂🐍🐱🐹 #macarthurpets #roadcrewc913 #therearepuppieseverywhere

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This morning’s Harlem Shake proudly brought to…

This morning's Harlem Shake proudly brought to you by ProteinXpress. Check them out in the new section of Macarthur Square, just outside Coles, and boost you energy with no refined sugars and at least 25 grams of protein per serve. There's plenty of delicious flavours to enjoy including Mighty Mocha, Sneaky Snicker, Chia Colada & Berry Nice. Be part of the smoothie revolution!!! #c913 #proteinxpress #proteinshake