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Effie in ‘Love Me Tinder’

Effie in ‘Love Me Tinder’

Youse'll only be swiping right for this hot show!


Win tickets to see Effie in 'Love Me Tinder' at the Camden Civic Centre with Christian and Bella this week and prepare to expect the unexpected.

You know what that means: It's time to tease that hair, paint those nails and get ready for a night out with Effie as she comes to Camden for one big night on May 11th!

Logie Award winner, Mary Coustas repraises her role as the effervescent Effie in Love Me Tinder an hilarious take on digital dating. The urge to swipe left or right or to scratch that 7-year itch is hard to resist even with the greatest of willpower.

Effie takes you on a side-splitting journey of the complexities of finding love and keeping it, as only she can!

Is it love at first sight or love at first swipe?

How embaressment if you miss out! Tickets are on sale via the Camden Civic Centre website (Click here) or win them this week with Christian and Bella in Drive!


Recommended for mature audiences 15 years and over