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Talk Too Much Trivia

Talk Too Much Trivia

Knowing Ally Redondo, means knowing that she loves to talk hence the birth of 'Talk Too Much Trivia' with Ally Redondo every Wednesday!


Ally will give you very detailed, very lengthy, yet entertaining monologue on a topic chosen at random to which it then ends with a completely simple and non-related question. The first caller to get through on 46 289 913 and answer correctly will score a $100 bucks thanks to Macarthur United Realty!


Macarthur United Realty are avalaible anytime on 02 4627 7728 or e-mail them info@macarthurunited.com.au with any questions you may have about buying or selling real estate or for an opinion on what your property would be worth in today's market with no charge or obligation or book a free market appraisal.


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