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Community Events

Adopt a Fur-Baby Rescue

Adopt a Fur-Baby Rescue are a team based in Wilton who rescue furry friends from NSW pounds, and recently they just hit 167 furbabys who have been rescued and now have homes to call their own.

However they currently have "Furkids" in their care, so if you're in the market to adopt a fur-baby, why not jump on their facebook page (Click here) and join their group to keep up to date with the great work that the team have done and continue to do.
All Furbabys are vet checked, de-sexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated with Advantage, and started training additionally as a requirement, all furbabys have a 14-day quarantine period and are temperament tested during that time.

All are welcome to apply to adopt a furbaby and all potential owners have home checks to make sure the yard is safe and the family are the right family for that Furbaby. From the beginning all steps are taken to ensure that both the owner and the pet are happy, have the adequet assistance in order to best raise their adopted furry friend.

For more information visit their website (Click Here) and see how you could get involved and surprise the kids with adpoting a furbaby right before Christmas!