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Brock’s Battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Young Brock has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma - a cancer that affects the body’s lymphatic system.

Brock originally discovered a lump on his throat a few years ago, but was assured that it was nothing to worry about. However, recently he had been feeling unwell for a number of weeks and was unable to recover. Two weeks ago, he was sent to the local hospital after a blood test revealed an abnormal count of his white blood cells. He was quickly transferred to Randwick Children’s Hospital, where he underwent extensive scans and tests including a biopsy of the lump on his throat.

Following the results from these tests, it was revealed that Brock was suffering with something much more serious than ever imagined – Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which had spread to his heart and lungs.

Brock is only 14 and has shown an unbelievable amount of strength, positivity and courage over the last week. We are all very positive and hopeful for a successful treatment and full recovery.

He started his chemotherapy, which will continue for 6 months.

As you can imagine, the remainder of the year and beyond will be very challenging not only physically and emotionally for Brock, but also emotionally and financially for his family.

His parents will need to transport Brock to Randwick regularly for his chemotherapy, scans and check-ups, sometimes staying overnight/days depending on how he responds to treatment.

With that also comes a finacial burdan on Brocks family.

For those that would like to donate, you can visit Brocks Go Fund Me. Any contributions will go towards costs associated with additional medical, daily and living expenses.