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Dilly Drought Drive

Macarthur is in drought and our farmers need your help.

Created by locals of Macarthur, the Dilly Drought Drive is an initiative to support, encourage and provide relief, such as hay and water, to the primary farming producers of Macarthur who are experiencing the effects of the current drought that is rippling through Australia.

At this stage the drought has no end in sight in the foreseeable future which means our farmers need us more than ever. 

The Dilly Drought Drive have successfully raised enough funds to purchase enough bails of hay until the end of 2019, however the water supply has become critical - to put that into perspective the average farmer spends $1,200 on water supply for their livestock each week and at the moment the Dilly Drought Drive only have enough fundraised monies for 2-3 months worth of water. But once those funds run dry, so does the water supply for our farmers and their livestock.

Macarthur has always been celebrated as the region who takes great pride in our agricultural history and it is the Dilly Drought Drive and C91.3FM's hope that this continues for the many generations to come.

You can dontate directly via the below details or visit the Dilly Drought Drive Facebook page for more information.

Every little bit helps with 100% of funds goes to our farmers within Macarthur.

Dilly Drought Drive