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Community Events

Move It 4 Mater Dei

Mater Dei is running their very first Digital Fundraiser called Move It 4 Mater Dei.

What do you have to do? Simple! Get moving! Dedicate as many minutes as you can per day. Connect with friends and raise funds for children and young adults with an Intellectual Disability.


Not sure how much time you can commit?

Make sure you set a realistic challenge for you, your team and/or family. We want everyone to reach their daily move it goals, so choose one of the three set minutes, or make up your own.


30mins/day - SOCIAL!

* Equates to 7 hours /420 minutes

You take a casual approach to exercise. You love a walking catch-up with friends or with your favourite podcast, and are likely motivated by a coffee or brunch to end your exercise session


60mins/day - SERIOUS!

* Equates to 14 hours / 840 minutes

You exercise most days and miss it when you don’t, you have your playlist planned to push you through and keep you motivated.


120mins/day - PRO!

* Equates to 28 hours / 1,680 minutes

You love to move every day, sometimes twice a day to see how much you can improve, whether by time or distance. You set yourself goals and love the feeling when you achieve them.


If you would like to find out more about how to get involved visit the Mater Dei Website.