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Community Events

Send your ideas for the Campbelltown 2020 Time Capsule

Residents and community groups can now contribute to a time capsule that will be buried at Glenalvon House as part of the Campbelltown 2020 program.


The time capsule will be buried during a ceremony on Tuesday 1 December in honour of the official 200 year anniversary of the declaration of Campbelltown and will be opened by the community in 100 years.

Residents can submit their ideas for items which capture this period in Campbelltown’s history to be included in the time capsule at Council’s website.


The Campbelltown 2020 program recognises 200 years since Campbelltown was declared a township and the more than 60,000 years of Aboriginal history in the area.

Residents can submit their ideas for the Campbelltown 2020 time capsule at overtoyou.campbelltown.nsw.gov.au