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Frequently Asked Questions

We're only too happy to hear from you if you have a problem, but why not have a look to see if your question is already answered in our list of Frequently Asked Questions. It might save you some time!!!

You may have noticed we've had to stop broadcasting our station online and via our app.Thats because the record industry, represented by the PPCA, is now demanding extra, excessive payments to broadcast music played on our station online, even though for some of you, its the only way you can listen. So for now please continue to tune in via your radio. We appreciate your support and understanding.

The phone number is 46 289 913. If you need another number, check out the Contact Us page of this website. 

Are you running any "ad-blocking" software? Products like "Norton Personal Firewall", "Ad-Buster", "Ad-Blocker", "Norton Personal Security" and many more come with a feature that lets you remove the advertisement from web pages. Unfortunately, these packages incorrectly identify content on c913FM.com.au as advertisement, and removes them! We recommend you disable any "ad-blockers" on your system while surfing our web site. 

The only other explanation I can offer you is that the web page is extremely busy, and it may take a little longer to load than usual. C913FM's most popular promotions can sometimes spike Internet traffic and some connections slow down. Try pressing "refresh" in your web browser and let everything fully load before clicking any options. 

The "unauthorise domain" message you are receiving is the result of our "spam protection" function. Because the form you are using sends an e-mail, we have security in place to ensure only our web site can send the e-mails. The reason you are getting the error message is because our web site is unable to identify your PC and therefore unable to verify that you are using our web site. 

Do you have a "firewall" product running on your PC? Or perhaps some "anonymizer" software which hides your PC from other sites on the net? You will need to disable these for our web site, so you can use the form. 

You can create a rule for our web site only in most software packages, The section that needs to be enabled is "Passing Referrer Information To A Web Site". 

If you heard an ad on C913FM and you'd like more information, like the name of the company or the phone number, C91.3FM reception can help you out (ph: 46 333 913) and tell them as much as you can to help out. Time and day the ad went to air, name of the company - anything and everything that will help us dig it out for you. 

If you are a prize winner on C913FM you will be notified by phone when your prize is ready for collection. Please note that cash prizes (cheques) take up to 21 working days for processing. Many smaller prizes (like Movie Tickets, CD of the Week, etc) will normally be ready for you to collect immediately. If you have any queries, please give C91.3FM Reception a call on 46 333 913. You are required to bring ID when collecting your prize. 

You can phone us, email us or write to us. All of our contact details are available on our Contact Us page.