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Let Macarthur know you’re Open for Business

Let Macarthur know you’re Open for Business

Macarthur business owners are true champions.. where would we be without them? Throughout the pandemic and more recently the Greater Sydney Lockdown, Macarthur businesses have been on the front line, keeping their doors open for essential goods, services and medical care for the community.


But sometimes getting the message out there, that you are open for business can be a challenge.. that's where C91.3FM comes in!


Fill in the below and we will upload it to our online directory to make sure the Macarthur community knows that you're open for business, in whatever way that might be.


Please only submit this form if you are in compliance with the current Australian Government guidelines around which businesses are allowed to still be trading.


* I agree by submitting this form, I may be contacted by C91.3FM in relation to any special offers, promotions or discounts *

* Open For Business Webpage will end on August 31, or once restrictions eases

* If you want any changes or to be removed from the page, send an email to openforbusiness@c913.com.au.


C91.3FM proudly supporting our local business community now and tomorrow