Tune in Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm with Stuart Cranney all thanks to the Morning sponsor Club Menangle, it's where Macarthur meets, on Macarthur's Station C91.3



Pelican wanders into restaurant, gets in line!

What a bizzare sight! A hungry kingsnake from eating himself!!




Proof of another idiotic rave..


Does this remind you of anyone you know?

Check out the video below of the Island of drunk monkeys in St Kitts. Read the full story in the link below.




Pet lovers, Dr Lisa Henshaw is the Veterinary Behaviour Consultant at Camden Valley Animal Hospital. Ever wonder why your pet pals act the way they do? Tune in at 11.15am on Fridays to find out.


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Radiators - 17 Live At C91.3FM

The Rad's are back in Campbelltown Saturday night at the Campbelltown RSL Club. #cranneyc913

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Cranney had some special guests in the studio this morning. Sharon Stewart & Lisa McKay from PAWS Pet Therapy and Lisa Henshaw from Campbelltown Vet Hospital. #stuartc913 Read More

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Stuart Cranney

This week we debuted RIA, a 15 year old school girl from East Campbelltown. She is extraordinary and i reckon this is the beginning of an astounding musical career...... Check her out! #cranneyc913,#stuartc913,#morningswithcranney,#localtalent - Stuart Cranney Read More

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Loving that it is World CHOCOLATE FONDUE Day - That is definately something that I can celebrate. - Cranney #chocoholic #anyexcuse #cranneyc913 Read More