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C91.3FM adheres to the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice, which deal with, amongst other things, taste and decency, accuracy and fairness in news and current affairs, advertising, Australian music, broadcasts of emergency information and a formal complaints handling process.

If you reasonably believe that C91.3FM has breached the Codes, please send a written complaint to:

C91.3FM General Manager 
PO BOX 913 
Campbelltown NSW 2560

Complaints must be in writing in a letter & be posted to the address above or alternatively, complaints can be faxed to (02) 46 333 912.

Please note that email complaints are not considered formal complaints under the Code of Practice.

The Codes of Practice provides a radio station 30-days to respond to any formal complaints.

Verification Code
Please type the letters you see above to confirm the request

You are only able to submit one complaint every 24 hours. Any further complaints will be blocked and will not be valid.