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Macarthur Birthdays

Macarthur Birthdays

Know someone who has a birthday coming up? Let us know and Ally will wish them a Happy Birthday for you - live on the radio!


Please send all of the details of the person having the birthday via email below and listen to the Breakfast Show weekdays at 7:20am to hear it! 


Each day, one lucky birthday boy or girl will win a delicious birthday cake from Oh La La Patisserie, 101 Queen St Campbelltown! You can check out their full range and order online at ohlalapatisserie.com.au


Email us birthdays here: Please Include the birthday persons name, suburb, age and a phone number.


Thanks to IC Care, caring for the Wollondilly & Camden community for over 45 years and counting.





Birthdays are announced Monday to Friday at 7:20am in Macarthur Breakfast
All birthdays are to be submitted above prior to 5am on the day it is to be read out, to avoid disappointment.
If you miss the deadline, you can call the station on 46 289 913 between 5:30am and 7:15am on the day of the person's Birthday.
Birthdays that fall on a Saturday are read out on Fridays, and birthdays that fall on a Sunday are read out on Mondays.  
Please ensure to complete all fields including the birthdays full name, suburb, contact number and age.

The birthday cake winner is chosen at random, and will be contacted by phone/email on the day.

For full terms and conditions see here