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Macarthur Birthdays

Macarthur Birthdays

Know someone who has a birthday coming up? Let us know and Christian and Bella will wish them a Happy Birthday for you - live on the radio!


Please send all of the details of the person having the birthday via email below and listen to the Breakfast Show weekdays at 7:20am to hear it! 


A lucky birthday celebrant each day will win a delicious cake from our friends at St Helens Park Bakery!!


Email us here: Please Include the birthday persons name, suburb, age and a phone number.


Thanks to IC Care, caring for the Wollondilly & Camden community for over 45 years and counting.




Birthdays are announced Monday to Friday at 7:20am in Macarthur Breakfast
All birthdays are to be submitted (via this website) prior to 5:00am on the day it is to be read out, to avoid disappointment.
If you miss the deadline, you can call the station on 46 289 913 between 5:30am and 7:15am on the day of the person's Birthday.
Birthdays that fall on a Saturday are read out on Fridays, and birthdays that fall on a Sunday are read out on Mondays.  
Please ensure to complete all fields including the birthdays full name, suburb, contact number and age.


For full terms and conditions see here