The Best Of Bants, Big Bangers and Bad Jokes in the AM with Ally Redondo on Macarthur Breakfast!


Born and bred in Macarthur, Ally Redondo started talking when she was 8 months old.. and quite frankly never stopped! Ally is always the joker, and sometimes the stoker but she is the the friend you never knew you wanted, but can't be without.


You can email Ally here or call Ally throughout the show on 46 289 913, or DM @C913FM on Facebook and Instagram, because there is one thing that Ally loves more than Macarthur.. it's the people

Tune in from 5am every weekday on C91.3FM to catch Ally Redondo on Macarthur Breakfast.


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Mayor of Campbelltown George Brticevic offically opened the Macarthur Breakfast show with Ally Redondo! Tap below to hear it.





Ally Redondo spoke with Warren Morrison, the Chairperson for the 24 Hours Fight Against Cancer, with all of the latest information for the Big Blue Cancer Walk for 2021 and how you can get involved. Tap the banner to hear it!