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What’s in Bella’s Box

What’s in Bella’s Box

Play What's in Bella's Box every Thursday with Christian and Bella in Macarthur Breakfast from 5am!


Who could be in Bella's box?.. Well, it could be a famous actor, sports person, singer.. or maybe famous TikTok star Charli D'Amelio! Be the first caller to get through on 46 289 913 and correctly identify who it is to score $100 to spend online at Super Savvy Savings!


Super Savvy Savings is a locally owned, family business that provides everyday products at extremely low prices. Choose from a huge range of big brand household cleaning products, laundry, bathroom, beauty, toys and more that will be delivered to your door! Visit their website to view the full range of products avaliable www.supersavvysavings.com.au


WIN $100 to spend with Christian and Bella on Macarthur Breakfast, every Thursday from 5am!


Facebook: @SuperSavvySavings