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What’s in Bella’s Box

What’s in Bella’s Box

Play What's in Bella's Box every Thursday with Christian and Bella in Macarthur Breakfast from 5am!


Bella will share a series of cryptic clues to see if you can guess who is in Bella's Box! It could be a famous actor, sports person, singer.. or maybe famous TikTok star Charli D'Amelio! When you think you know who it may be, call 46 289 913 to win a luxurious Alya Skin Australia's Complete Skin Care Bundle, valued at $149.99! 


Alya Skin Australia was founded right here in Australia by Manny Barbas and James Hachem. Women and men everywhere were blown away by the results! Feel the power of Australian clay which detoxifies & brightens your skin, plus It's safe for sensitive skin types. All Alya Skin products are vegan & animal cruelty free.


Thanks to Alya Skin's 4-step skincare routine featuring their famous Pink Australian Clay Mask! Visit www.alyaskin.com 


Play What's in Bella's Box, every Thursday during Macarthur Breakfast on C91.3!