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    What’s in Bella’s Box

    Play What's in Bella's Box every Thursday with Christian and Bella in Macarthur Breakfast from 5am!   Who could be in Bella's box?.. Well, it could be a famous actor, sports person, singer.. or maybe famous TikTok star Charli D'Amelio! Be the first caller to get through on 46 289 913 and... Read More >

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    Wot Be This TV

    From the place to where everybody knows your name, to the famous group of FRIENDS that drank way too much coffee or the curious magical blonde that had a serious nose twitch.. you know where we are are going with this!     Macarthur Breakfast quiz you throughout the show every Tuesday morning to... Read More >

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    C91.3FM App

    DOWNLOAD the C91.3FM app and take us wherever you go.   Listen to us on the go, rate and save your favourite songs plus keep up to date with all the latest on social media!   Download now in the app store and on Google Play!   Read More >

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    Macarthur Birthdays

    Know someone who has a birthday coming up? Let us know and Christian and Bella will wish them a Happy Birthday for you - live on the radio!   Please send all of the details of the person having the birthday via email below and listen to the Breakfast Show weekdays at 7:20am to hear it!    A... Read More >

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