• COME FROM AWAY, returns to Sydney at the Theatre Royal this November!
  • Join Ally Redondo on Macarthur Breakfast, weekdays from 5am
  • Celebrating a birthday?
  • Jason Bouman, Driving You Home
  • Play Charlie's Choice every Friday with Jason Bouman
  • Workday with David Archer


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    Macarthur Birthdays

    Know someone who has a birthday coming up? Let us know and Ally will wish them a Happy Birthday for you - live on the radio!   Please send all of the details of the person having the birthday via email below and listen to the Breakfast Show weekdays at 7:20am to hear it!    Each day, one lucky... Read More >

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    Talk Too Much Trivia

    Play Talk Too Much Trivia, every Wednesday on Macarthur Breakfast!   Ally Redondo will give you very detailed, very lengthy, yet entertaining monologue on a topic chosen at random to which it then ends with a completely simple and non-related question. The first caller to get through on 46 289... Read More >

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    McFact or McFiction

    Play McFact or McFiction every Monday with Ally Redondo on Macarthur Breakfast to score yourself a WHOLE MONTH OF MACCAS!  Have you tried McDonald's Macarthur's NEW WINTER MENU? Including the return of Mighty Angus, BBQ Bacon Angus Burger, Mozzaerlla sticks with tomato relish plus the NEW Creme... Read More >

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    Charlie’s Choice

    On Fridays, we hand the music selection over to the team at Charlie's Liquor Barn in Tahmoor to pick a song that you have to identify!   The first caller on 46 289 913 to name Charlie's Choice by title and artist will win $100 gift voucher to spend at Charlies Liquor Barn Tahmoor!   Charlie's... Read More >

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    Ally’s Friday FriYay

    What feels better than finishing work after the looooong week?... winning CASH!   Every Friday in Macarthur Breakfast, Ally will play a song in fast forward, the first person to name the song wins $100 CASH!   Play Friday Fri-Yay with Ally Redondo in Macarthur Breakfast, all thanks to Sadek... Read More >

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    Come From Away

    COME FROM AWAY the musical is coming back to Sydney this November at the Theatre Royal Sydney!   To celebrate this heart-warning musicals return, Ally Redondo on Macarthur Breakfast will have tickets for you and a friend to see the show, all you have to do is EX-Plane a word live on-air for your... Read More >