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    Macarthur Birthdays

    Know someone who has a birthday coming up? Let us know and Christian and Bella will wish them a Happy Birthday for you - live on the radio!   Please send all of the details of the person having the birthday via email and listen to the Breakfast Show weekdays at 7:20am to hear it! They'll also... Read More >

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    Brain Fade

    When Friday rolls around, we can all get a little scatter-brain! Macarthur Breakfast’s Christian & Bella want to test that theory, by putting our listeners Friday brain-smarts to the test with a game they call “Brain Fade”. They’ll get two callers on the line, give them a category at random and... Read More >

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    Ally-oke is back!... But this time, it's all about the top 100 karaoke songs.   Each Friday, Ally will quote a verse from one of her fav karaoke songs. All you have to do is guess the title and artist of the song to win $100 to spend at Charlies Liquor Barn in Tahmoor!   Thanks to Charlies... Read More >

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    Get your Motormouth running every Monday with Christian and Bella in Macarthur Breakfast!   Listen out for the sped up track during the show from 5am! Correctly identifiy the track by title and artist to win a $100 voucher to spend on food and beverages at Alkalizer Cafe in Campbelltown,... Read More >

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    Talk Too Much Trivia

    Knowing Ally Redondo, means knowing that she loves to talk!   Play 'Talk Too Much Trivia' with Ally Redondo every week on Wednesday! Ally will give you very detailed, very lengthy, yet entertaining monologue on a topic chosen at random to which it then ends with a completely simple and... Read More >

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    What’s in Bella’s Box

    Play What's in Bella's Box every Thursday with Christian and Bella in Macarthur Breakfast from 5am!   Bella will share a series of cryptic clues to see if you can guess who is in Bella's Box! It could be a famous actor, sports person, singer.. or maybe famous TikTok star Charli D'Amelio! When... Read More >

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    Road Crew Shout Outs

    C91.3FM loves Macarthur and we relish in any excuse to shout it out from a speaker near you!   But this time we'd like to send out our very own cheer squad to your business to give them a Road Crew Shout Out.   Register your business below and each week, we'll send out the Road Crew to give... Read More >

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    Christian’s Quick Quiz

    Christian's Quick Quiz is a brand new game happening every Wednesday during the Macarthur Breakfast show with Christian and Bella.     Representing listeners, Bella and Newsreader Kate will go head to head in answering 3 quick questions with Christian at the helm! The winner will walk away... Read More >

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    Hiit ‘em up

    To celebrate the opening of Hiit Republic, Campbelltown, next week Christian and Bella are giving away 6 month memberships!   Play Hiit 'Em Up in Macarthur Breakfast as Bella puts Christian to the test, fitness test that is! Christian will have 30 seconds to complete as many reps as he can of... Read More >

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