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Cyber Security Safety Check

The internet, our computers, phones and other devices are crucial to our way of life. It’s vital that we protect our online systems and information.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the nation on Friday, June 19 to advise that Australia has been targeted by an ellaborate state-based cyber actor and held a live press conference to raise awareness on how you can protect yourself. To read more on this latest, read the story here.


The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) have advised that following security measures must be enforced from this moment forward:

  • Patch your internet facing devices promptly, ensuring that any web or email servers are fully updated with the latest software
  • Always use a multifactor authentication to secure your internet access, infrastructure and cloud-based platforms



The ACSC’s new guidance outlines nine important but simple cyber security practices for people who are working from home to limit risks:

  • beware of scams
  • use strong unique passphrases
  • implement multi-factor authentication
  • update your software and operating systems
  • use a virtual private network (VPN)
  • use trusted Wi-Fi
  • secure your devices when not in use
  • avoid portable storage devices
  • use trusted sources of information

Read the full article here.



Key actions that can prevent many malicious actors from being successful for small businesses – and help organisations recover quickly from cyber security incidents – include:

  • Watch out for scam emails (phishing) and don’t open attachments or click on links
  • Update your software and operating systems
  • Use strong passphrases and don’t share them round
  • Enable multi-factor authentication
  • Backup your data and store separate from computer

Read the full article here.


For more information on Cyber-safety visit www.cyber.gov.au



These local businesses are Digital specialists and can help you with any questions to protect your family

Help 2 U - 02 4601 0883


Cyber Security Safety Check